Clean Teeth + No More Gray = (Almost) Human

If you’ve read this post, you probably know that self care has fallen way down to the bottom of my list. By the time I get through the must dos every week – work, various therapy appointments for my son, volunteering, keeping food in the house, trying to get solid time in with both kids, and hopefully getting an hour or two with my husband – there is very little time or energy left for taking care of me. I know I should. And I know it’s bad for both my physical and mental health that I don’t. I’m trying to be better.

This morning I finally got in a slightly over due teeth cleaning. This afternoon I got in a long overdue hair cut and highlights. I (almost) feel human! Now if I can just stay awake long enough to enjoy date night (something else we don’t do nearly enough!) this will have been a fantastic self-care Friday!


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