Attitude Adjustment

Several  months back I read an article that suggested having a playlist of music that makes your child happy on hand as a tool for bouncing back from meltdowns. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I started to think about what that playlist should include for my son, and quickly realized that I could probably use a similar playlist for myself.

And so was created the Attitude Adjustment Playlist. It quickly became my most listened to playlist. I blare it in the car when I’m driving alone. I hit play on it when I take my daily walks. I put earbuds in and listen to it when we are traveling and I need some time to tune out and recharge.

The songs on it are eclectic. They are songs that remind me of a particular time in my life, songs that move my soul with their message, songs that make me want to dance. They are all songs that I love and that make me feel good.

They are all guaranteed to help me adjust my attitude….because part of my brokenness is a tendency to get stuck on the negative. I often need a little help moving out of that negative place and music helps. Because in the immortal words of Abba…”Who found out that nothing can capture a heart, Like a melody can? Well, whoever it was, I’m a fan.”


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