Awkward Waiting Room Moments


WaitingRoomHeroThe waiting room at my son’s psychologist was particularly full this afternoon. I don’t tend to feel like chatting (hello introvert) while I am waiting for his appointment to be over, so while I was aware that several people had come in while we sat there I didn’t actually make eye contact with any of them.

When my son came out of his appointment I heard a woman say “I thought I knew you.” I looked up, made eye contact and saw the mother of a boy my son used to play baseball with. And so I said hello. But then there was awkward silence as we both realized the therapist’s waiting room is an uncomfortable place for a “how’ve you been and how are the kids” sort of conversation.

3 Thoughts

  1. Having my family involved with a 12 step group, I can tell you that there are many moments like that where someone attends a meeting and is horrified to see someone they know there. But then there comes the wonderful realization that you are there for the same reason, and that you don’t have to keep a secret from everyone you know. And there is a lot of freedom in that. As you continue to widen the circle of people who are “in on the secret” you discover that there are many people out there with similar struggles, and that there is strength in knowing that. Then you discover that you can even be helpful to others who are not as far along the journey as you are. And suddenly one day you find that what you thought was a weakness and a curse turns out to be a strength and a blessing!


    1. Thanks for that perspective. I can totally see your point. But for somebody who has been known to torn and walk the other way in a grocery store to avoid coming face to face with an acquaintance (guilty of that!), making the leap to small talk in a waiting room is a tough one! I’m a work in progress.


  2. I was caught totally unprepared in a similar waiting room scenario when Isaac led the way and the mom of the friend was already inside. She greeted me enthusiastically and I was not only mortified to be recognized, but I had no idea who she was. Total deer in headlights.

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