What Will Your Story Be?

New Year’s Eve. 

2016. It’s been a rough one in many ways – my son hit the lowest of his lows, my daughter has had to learn to balance being herself and being a good sister, loved ones have died, marriages of people close to us have ended. It’s been an emotional and exhausting year. 

It’s also been amazing in many ways – we finally found the right treatment team for my son, my daughter is blooming into a confident and compassionate young woman, and we’ve found our voice as a family. 

It’s that last part I will hold as the best part of 2016 – we have found our voice as a family and it has opened up a dialogue with the world. On this day in 2015, I would not have dreamt that this blog would exist. But it does. And so 2016 became the year we truly began to write our own story. We don’t get to choose all of the circumstances, but we do get to guide the outcomes. 

I am excited about what 2017 will bring. And look forward to continuing to write our story. Happy New Year my friends. I wish you blessings, love & laughter as you write your own stories in 2017. 

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