Election Eve Pondering and a Promise

I am feeling all the feels – all the feels for myself, for my teenagers who are deeply invested in this election as they come of age in an upside down world, for my core belief that we owe it to each other to fight for the common good, for my fear that another four years of the current administration will break us permanently as a society, and for my hope that we can find a way to remember the things that unite us and work through the things that divide us.

Social Distancing Week 33…Be Gentle

Every single bit of that exhaustion is real, and cumulative, and palpable. If it were solely a personal exhaustion, I could believe that it would dissipate with more sleep or better self care. But it’s not just a personal exhaustion. It’s a societal exhaustion and I have a feeling it’s effects will linger in all of us long into whatever a post-pandemic life looks like.