Holidays Are Rough – But a Furry Friend Can Make It Easier

4th of July is winding down. We are in NJ visiting my husband’s family, and Independence Day is a BIG DEAL in the town where he grew up. There’s a parade, food & games at the town park, and an extended family & friends barbeque to round out the day. 

We knew my son would probably have a difficult time today – too many potential triggers for anxiety and panic. At the parade he had a couple of small panic attacks, both caused by loud noise. And then he spent the bulk of the parade like this…

Following the parade we went to the celebration at the town park, hoping to get some food and maybe let the kids ride a couple rides. My son took one look at the people assembling in the park and was struck down by panic. It was too much. He didn’t even have it in him to try to be there. He turned and practically ran to a place where there were no people. We tried to talk him through it and encouraged him to use one of the coping skills he’s been taught. Nothing worked. He just needed to leave. My husband took him home, but the damage was done and it took the next 2 hours to get him back to a calm state. 

And once the party started, he spent much of the time like this…

 Holidays are rough….but a furry friend friend can make it easier. 

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