Guest Post – A Little Broken, by Owen

I am excited and proud to share this guest post written by my son. He used a writing assignment for his 6th grade English Language Arts class as an opportunity to be brave and share a piece of himself with his teacher and class. And he has agreed to let me share his words with all of you as well.


A Little Broken

Owen, like a rolling wave in the middle of the ocean. I have never really thought about my name. It never seemed all that important to me. I think of it like a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot summer day, Something you enjoy but never really think about and kind of take for granted.

My Mom and Dad chose my name because it went with my middle name, Lawson, my great grandfather’s name. They didn’t think much about the name they gave me, only that it went well with my middle name. I only recently found out what Owen means, while researching for this very paper. It means Young Warrior, I thought for a while how that relates to me, and I decided on this

I’ve had anxiety my entire life. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. I also have low-spectrum autism and am on anxiety medication. But none of that has ever slowed me down. I think that in that sense I am a warrior, and due to the fact that I am young, one could classify myself as a Young Warrior. A former NFL player Trent Shelton said a few things that have special meaning to me, here’s one of them. “ We are all a little broken, but last time I checked, broken crayons still color the same.”  

After all this, I think I have a newfound appreciation for my name. We are all just a little broken. But broken crayons do still color the same.        





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