Life in Black & White – Used Books Are Growing a Reader

Back in November, I had a conversation with Anne Bogel of  Modern Mrs. Darcy for her podcast What Should I Read Next. It was a ton of fun recording the episode and a ton of fun listening to the episode when it went live this morning. I am actually planning to write a full blog post about my conversation with Anne and the books she recommended to me…..but life has gotten in the way of my good intentions, so it’s not ready yet.

But was I was listening to the podcast episode this morning, I realized that something magical has happened since we recorded the conversation back in November. On the episode you will hear me talk about how part of helping my dyslexic daughter learn to enjoy reading has been making sure she always has access to whatever type of book or story is currently holding her interest. Lately that has meant anything and everything about horses. She found 2 books in a fairly old series in her classroom library about a thoroughbred and loved every page. She realized that they were part of a pretty extensive series about several different horses and put those books on her Christmas list. The problem is, the books are out of print so you can only find used copies and it is a bit of a search mission to find them. Between my mother and my brother they found 2 more books of the series and may parents gave them to her at Christmas. Her 11th birthday was yesterday, and my parents gave her 3 more books from the same series. She has never in her life been excited to receive books as a gift, but these books were absolutely among her favorite birthday gifts…we’re slowly growing a reader in a dyslexic child.


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    1. That is too sweet of you! Thanks for reading – it sometimes feels like I am writing just for me and that nobody is reading, so it’s lovely to hear that somebody is not only reading my words, but also enjoying my words and finding them meaningful!


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