Valentine’s Day – Real. Raw. Broken. Beautiful.

So Valentine’s Day. Commercial holiday? Totally. But do I still love any excuse to shower some love on my kids and husband? Totally.

Sometimes showering love in real life, doesn’t always look like it does in my head. Today was one of those days. Today showering love looked like me holding my son as he cried over “feeling really, really sad”, and my daughter holding me as I tried not to cry. Today showering love was a phone call to my husband as he is driving home from a business trip, and alerting him to what awaits him when he gets home. Today showering love looked a lot like all of us just holding on as tight as we can.

Tonight, and tomorrow, and for as many days as it takes for my son to find some peace and remember what it feels like to be joyful;  showering love will look like this…I’ll hold his heart and light his path. Because that is a mother’s love.

Image from Gypsie Raleigh


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