Social Distancing Week 19…Running on Empty

Friday, June 24, 2020…10:27am

The end of week 19. I am currently running on empty.

The week included…

  • the ( not unexpected) news that in LA County we will not be allowed to have students on campuses when the new school year begins
  • a new truck for my husband
  • some socially distanced family time with friends in our backyard
  • me filling in for our senior pastor on Sunday with a sermon that used up much of my energy and most of my words
  • my husband and I having to take turns pushing the man-child over the finish line of his online summer school class
  • so much time spent trying to figure out what we need to have in place at home for the man-child starting high school via distance learning
  • both kids having multiple breakdowns as the reality hit that school is starting online and may stay that way for at least the entire first semester if not the entire year
  • several days in a row of unseasonably gray and misty weather

This week broke me in about a million tiny ways. But in the grand scheme of things, they are all tiny. We are all still healthy. Our extended family is all still healthy. We have steady jobs with flexility to make any adjustments necessary to give the kids the support they need for virtual school. We are truly okay, even though I know I am definitely running on empty right now.

Be well my friends.

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