Social Distancing Week 24…Normal For Now

Friday, August 28, 2020…10:00am

The end of week 24.

School began on Wednesday. As I type my kids are about an hour in on day 3 of 180 academic days for the 2020-2021 school year. And just as the previous year ended online, the new one has begun online. I think we have found a way to make the normal for now of school work for both kids. I also feel that their schools are both doing everything possible to make sure the academics of school and the extra needs of students in an online setting are being met with equal emphasis. It’s not what we’d hoped for, but it’s going well and for that we are all thankful.

As kids all over the country have started school in the past few weeks, I have seen social media posts of friends who are not feeling thankful for the way their own schools have adapted to this normal for now. Every time I read a post complaining, lamenting, blaming – I am even more thankful that we feel good about how the year started for our kids. It’s not perfect, and I do not doubt there will be challenges to come, but it’s good enough because it’s not forever. It’s not forever, it’s just normal for now.

We are committed to making the best of our normal for now, and some of it is really pretty good. My daughter celebrates each morning that she can wear cropped t-shirts and her comfiest shorts that are not quite long enough – items of clothing that would likely get her dress coded in person but online she’s in the clear. My son is enjoying the extra sleep in the morning he would not get if he had to include the walk to school and across campus in his morning. Both kids have spent lunch times on FaceTime or Discord chats with friends to make up for missed face-to-face time. The block schedule at both the middle school and the high school mean they are getting work done during class time and so far have not had much to do outside of class time, so when school ends their time is their own.

At some point in the year they may be able to return to campus. That will mean another shift in schedules and another adjustment to the next new normal. Or maybe they’ll be home all year. That is not in our control and time spent worrying about it won’t help anything. So we are content in the normal for now.

Be well my friends.

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