Social Distancing Week 37…Nothing and Everything

Friday, November 27, 2020…7:44pm

The end of week 37. .

We’re coming off a week spent at a desert vacation rental with my family. One day back in the summer, I suggested we make a plan to spend Thanksgiving week away together. Somehow even way back in July I had a feeling we would still be living a severely altered reality heading into the holiday season. Who knew how prescient that hunch would turn out to be.

We had a fantastic week doing basically nothing. It was hours spent in and around the swimming pool, more hours spent sitting around the fire pit, games played, meals shared, time well spent. It was nothing and everything. It was good for all of our hearts and souls – and only possible because we all committed to keeping our bubbles small enough to allow for three households to merge for the week in a way that felt safe for all of us.

As we all parted ways to head for our own homes this morning, I couldn’t help but notice that the goodbye hugs were all just a little bit tighter and longer than normal. Returning to real life after a vacation is always hard, but returning to 2020-era real life after time with family is next level hard.

So now we’re home. Home to increased restrictions on public life as virus cases continue to rise at alarming rates. Home to figure out what the rest of this holiday season will look like and knowing with certainty that we will not be seeing the vast majority of our loved ones this year. Home to the nothing and everything of life in this time, but with a fuller heart because of the week full of nothing and everything spent with my family.

Be well my friends.

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