Social Distancing Week 38…Hope

Friday, December 4, 2020…10:51am

The end of week 38. We’re also nearing the end of the first week of the Advent season,. The theme of Advent 1 is Hope – that bubbly, fizzy anticipation for something not yet known or realized. I’ve tried both to see and be hope this week, but it seems that as each day has passed that goal has been more elusive. I have not gone a single day since last Saturday without hearing of a yet another friend, relative, acquaintance contracting COVID-19 – and on one of those days the news included a death from the virus. Seeing and being hope in a week like this is challenging.

But this week has also held good and hopeful news about vaccine approvals and distribution plans. That news is the bubbly, fizzy anticipation for something not yet known or realized. It’s coming, and in the mean time we need to continue doing everything we can to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our larger community healthy and safe.

Governor Newsom announced yesterday that when a region of the state falls below 15% available ICU beds, that region will go into an immediate 3 week stay at home order. Based on the current trajectory of cases in Southern California , we are probably less than a handful of days away from that happening. I scrubbed and shined and straightened my entire house (ok not the entire house – my house minus the slovenly teenagers’ rooms) in anticipation of our world once again shrinking to fit inside the walls of our home. When the inevitable news comes, we’ll be ready to hunker down once again.

Hope for a healthier and safer 2021 is alive and well, but we’re not there yet. So as much as none of us wants to be homebound once again, it is what we will do because it is how we can be part of the communal solution.

Be well my friends.

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