Grace, Indeed

Meet Grace.

She’s an 8 year old white lab – a former service dog who was retired when she developed diabetes and cataracts. And as of today, she’s the newest member of our family.

We weren’t intending to get a dog right now. The kids have wanted one for ages, but it’s never seemed like the right time. Our biggest reason for not getting a dog has been our 18 year old deaf cat – who would certainly vote “no” if she got a vote in the matter.

But then a few weeks ago, an email hit my inbox that changed everything. The email was from a friend who is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence. It included just a few details about Grace and the fact that they were looking for somebody to be her new family.

Have I mentioned we had no current plans to adopt a dog? Yup. No plans at all. And anybody who knows our family would have said without hesitation that I would be the one least likely to suggest we adopt a dog. Yet as I read that email I knew in my heart that Grace was meant to be with us.

I forwarded the email to my husband with the added message, “I think we’re Grace’s new family.”, and with that set in motion more emails, and phone calls, and family meetings where we learned about her medical needs, her life expectancy, and her sweet temperament. Every step of the way, my refrain was “I know it makes no sense. And I know she has daily medical needs. And I know I’m inviting an extra level of chaos into our already chaotic life. But I also know Grace needs us and we need Grace.”

She needs us and we need her – I know this without doubt. So now she’s ours and we are hers. Grace, indeed.

7 Thoughts

  1. I’m Gary Cohu, Grace’s Puppy Raiser. We spent over 8 years together. I left the above message:
    ‘Your family is just perfect! We are all BROKEN in one way or another. GOD has blessed me in that my special girl has found a special home.’
    I want to give you more information about Grace IV and I have more pictures.


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