Nothing a little salt air can’t make better…

In a world where everything goes as planned, right now my family would be about 24 hours into a week off-the-grid camping in King’s Canyon National Park. In a world where everything goes as planned.

But this past week NOTHING has gone as planned. Our recently adopted dog was hospitalized last weekend for an infection. Then about the time we brought her home, my parents were evacuated as part of the massive evacuations from the Holy Jim wildfire in Southern California. The week did not goes as planned and left a vast amount of space in which we could not predict what would happen in the days to come. And so we made the hard decision to cancel our trip.

It was the right thing to do. And it was the heartbreaking thing to do. We all need the break from the busyness of real life that our annual trip to Kings Canyon would have provided. But we can’t always get what we want (need)…-and this is definitely one of those years.

Even so, it is one thing to “know” something and another thing to “live” something. We knew by Wednesday that we would not be going on our trip and were fully accepting of the reasons behind that decision. But this morning, when we were actually facing a week at home that should have had us elsewhere, we were all cranky and short tempered. All of us – kids and parents alike. It wasn’t pretty.

It wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t anything a little salt water and sand couldn’t fix. Toes in the sand, chairs side-by-side we turned our collective crankiness around. We’d all still rather be on our planned vacation than sitting on our local beach, but any day on our beach is a reminder that there is just about nothing that a little salt air can’t make better.

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