(My) Saving Grace

Tomorrow is “Gotcha Day” – the one year anniversary of the day Grace joined our family. She is the best impulsive decision I ever made. We “rescued” Grace, but she has “saved” me over and over again in the past year.

In her memoir “Leaving Church”,  Barbara Brown Taylor tells about a time she was invited to speak at a church. When she asked the priest what he wanted her to speak on, he answered, “Come tell us what is saving your life right now.”

What is saving your life right now? So simple, but often so overlooked in the day to day chaos of life. I think most people could easily (happily?) articulate what is making life harder. But how many of those same people stop to take note of the things – both big and small – that are life giving and life saving? I know that I don’t stop and note the life saving and life giving things nearly as much as I should. It’s something I’ve been actively working on lately. It’s a simple spiritual practice that has the power  to shift perspective for the better.

This dog, with her high maintenance medical needs is saving my life right now.


She reminds me to take the time to slow down and notice the little things – freshly bloomed flowers, a perfect patch of sunshine or shade, crisp morning air. She loves me joyfully and unconditionally, and reminds me to do the same for others. She is the piece that I did not know was missing from my life. I have an innate tendency to disengage from life when things get messy, or complicated, or confusing – but Grace makes sure I stay fully engaged just by being her and being here. She is life giving, life affirming, and life saving.

When we celebrate Grace’s “gotcha day” tomorrow, I will also be celebrating the fresh perspective she has brought to me personally. She is without question one of the things saving my life everyday – my saving Grace. Who, or what, is your saving grace? What is saving your life right now?



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