Thankful for Us

It is the day before Thanksgiving 2016. This time last year, I probably thought we had hit our lowest lows with our son. I would have been wrong.

There have been some incredibly dark days in this year, but there have also been moments of incredible light and love. This year has given us answers and direction, and along with that has come hope and respite. This year has split us apart and then drawn us back together, stronger than before. This year has shown us that even in our brokenness, there is beauty.

There may still be dark days to come, but we’ll have each other. I am thankful for us…


To the Staff at Horse Camp

We’re halfway through summer break, and my son finally was able to attend and enjoy a day camp this week. He and my daughter both spent the week with my parents and went to a horse camp. It was the one thing he REALLY wanted to do. They attended last summer, and talked about it all year long. Last weekend he was excited, but also anxious about that “what ifs.” He’s doing a little better most days, with the panic attacks coming further and further apart. I was nervous for him, but knew he needed to do this. So he did. And it was great. And he came home full of happy stories of beloved horses and a new friend. And for that I am so, so grateful!  

To The Parent of My Son’s Friend

While our family support system is fairly vast, my son’s personal support system has shrunk as he struggles with anxiety, panic and depression. So we are exceedingly thankful for the kids who continue to make the effort to be his friend and to the parents who continue to open their homes to him. Yesterday  he got a little “normal” in his life.