Make a Wish – Part 2

In the first part of this post, I talked about World Mental Health Day and how the significance of that date was different for me this year, as my son…

Make a Wish – Part 1

October 10th. World Mental Health Day. Also the day before my son turns 13. When he wakes up tomorrow he will have made another trip around the sun while living…

Social Distancing Week 28…No Rest For The Weary

I don’t generally feel helpless, but 28 weeks in on a global pandemic I admit to feeling a deepening sense that my actions aren’t having much impact on outcomes. So yeah, I’m feeling kind of helpless. And my brain is trying to problem solve me out of that feeling with no respect for time or for the havoc the lost sleep is playing on my energy and physical well being.

Social Distancing Week 22…Off The Grid

It was definitely not the most relaxing camping trip of our lives. But we were away from the place where we’d all spent most of our time for the previous 21 weeks, with great friends and in fresh air. The days weren’t easy, but there was so much laughter. We didn’t completely escape being around other people, but there was enough space that we only wore masks on one hiking trail and when we went inside the small store for ice or food. It wasn’t a perfect trip, but it was a little bit of what we all needed in this strange time.