To the Kind Woman in the Dallas Airport

We came home last night from a week visiting my husband’s family in NJ. Travel for a kid battling anxiety and panic has the potential for disaster. He did fairly well on the way out (there is beauty in a red eye flight!), but had some really challenging moments on the way home. There were thunderstorms in the Dallas area, so our “quick” connection there turned into 2+ hours of delays. The sudden change of plans and the need to sit around waiting, was enough to send my son over the edge. He had a small panic attack. Lots of people openly stared. One person moved away. One woman smiled and spoke to me….

Healing Water

We’re in Arizona this weekend. As a family we have a love/hate relationship with traveling. It’s mostly love – time together away from the stress of real life, exploring new places, and revisiting old favorites. But I’d be lying if I said it was easy. 

The truth is it’s hard. One change to the schedule can put my son in a bad space, and traveling means nothing is on the regular schedule. Throw in anxiety caused by people, places, and “unknowns” and there is often a perfect storm just waiting to hit. That’s the “hate” side of the love/hate relationship. 

There really is so much to love though. Specifically on a trip like this, there is the healing of water. He’ll spend hours today just like you see in the picture – standing in the middle of the most uncrowded part of the pool, just being. He’ll also swim, water slide & float on the lazy river. And for the most part he’ll be at peace. Healing waters…