(Not a) New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never really been one for making New Year’s resolutions. I can’t say why, I just never really have. But this year feels different – and while I still hesitate to say I’m making a resolution, I am feeling inspired to make a promise to myself.

Whether you want to quote The Byrds or Ecclesiastes 3:1, I think most people are familiar with idea that to everything in life there is a season. I have been in a long season of waiting. Waiting for answers, diagnoses, and solutions. Waiting for the kids to be old enough, responsible enough and mentally well enough to need me less. Waiting for other people to make decisions about changes. Waiting. Always waiting.

I have been existing in a state of chronos – but can see on the horizon of 2018 a time of kairos. The ancient Greeks had two words for time. Chronos referred to chronological or sequential time – time I have marked as the passing of days, weeks, months and years in this season of waiting. Kairos referred to a right, critical, or opportune moment – the season I feel myself entering that will propel me from my state of waiting into a state of action.

There is something stirring in my heart and soul. There is something itching to get out – something that will help to define a new season in my life. As I type this on the afternoon of the final day of 2017, I am not certain of what that “something” is or will be. But I am certain I need to be open and ready for it when it appears. There is a season of change coming for me in 2018.

So while I still won’t make a New Year’s resolution, I will make a promise to myself. A promise to be open, and ready, and welcome of whatever my season of change has in store.

And just in case I wasn’t already mulling this over in my heart and soul, a Facebook quiz told me today that my word for 2018 will be change…and of course Facebook quizzes are 100% accurate 😉


Happy New Year my friends –  Embrace whatever the real, raw, broken and beautiful of life has to offer for you in 2018!

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