Another Trip Around the Sun

Today the sun sets on my 45th year. Tomorrow a new trip around the sun begins.

Last year I started a project to capture my life in one photo per day – no explanations, just an image. It was a bit of a spiritual practice – being mindful and fully present enough in both the hard moments and the easy moments. The rules I set were simple – one picture of the moment/person/situation/thing that captured the real feeling of each day. I wasn’t setting out to craft an image, I was setting out to capture my full reality.

I think I was true to my intent.

Looking back on the pictures today, I see my real life. It’s a life full of family, my dog, books, food/coffee/cocktails, theater & concerts, random silliness, and natural beauty almost everywhere I look. It’s also a life full of therapist appointments & medication changes for my man-child, the medical complications of a diabetic dog, occasional illness and frequent exhaustion. Recently – and no way I’d have predicted this a year ago – it’s also been a life colored by the global reality of COVID-19. Even in the most recent weeks where life has been lived 99% at home, the images capture a wide range of emotions and experiences.

My original self-commitment was to one full year. On the closing day of that year, I do believe the project has helped me to be more mindful and present to all of the moments that make up a life. So here’s to another trip around the sun and 365 new opportunities for a life well lived – real, raw, broken & beautiful.

PS – If you want to follow along on year 2…I post the images on Instagram and Facebook



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