Social Distancing Week 35…Change of Scenery

Friday, November 13, 2020…8:11am

The end of week 35.

Our niece flew out from NYC this week to spend some time with us and get a change of scenery. It’s amazing to have her here. We’ve talked for years about her coming out. One of the blessings of this strange year is definitely her being here.

One of the blessings of virtual school is the ability for the kids to be in school from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. So we all got a change of scenery and drove up to Paso Robles yesterday. The kids will do school from our VRBO today while we take our niece to a couple of wineries. This feels like a truly epic parenting in a pandemic win! (For us – clearly not for the kids).

So here’s to changes in scenery and finding small blessings in this upside down life.

Good morning from Paso Robles, CA

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