Grace, Grit, and an Unfinished Story

The idea for this blog first took root in my heart as I sat in the sanctuary of Riviera United Methodist Church on Maundy Thursday of 2016. This is the church that has been my spiritual home for 17 years and my place of employment for almost 7 years. It is also the place where we tried the hardest and the longest to not talk about navigating the challenges in our family that result from my son’s autism spectrum disorder, anxiety and depression.

I was sitting in a pew of the church when I decided to start the blog. But it was only recently that most of the people in that congregation heard our story.

Once I made the decision to tell our story, it’s taken very little courage to share from the relative security and anonymity of my keyboard. It takes a little more courage to tell that story directly to a person or group. But it seemed to take more courage than I could muster to tell that story in the place that inspired me to begin sharing in the first place…that is until recently.

Last week, I stood in front of our congregation, including my own family, and I told my story. It was every bit as difficult, and terrifying, and exhausting as I thought it would be. But it was also freeing, and exhilarating, and beautiful.

Take a listen…you’ll hear me laugh and cry and dig deep to do a really hard thing. 


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