Holding Space in a Season of Holy Saturdays

Holy Saturday 2019

In the Christian tradition, Holy Saturday is the space between the pain of Jesus being nailed to the cross and the joy that will come with resurrection on Easter.

On Holy Saturday we acknowledge that we don’t always know what hope will look like tomorrow. We hold space and we wait. In my current season of life, the waiting of Holy Saturday feels more familiar than the resurrection of Easter.

As a parent to an adolescent battling depression and anxiety, I don’t know how far away his “resurrection” might be. I don’t know what it will look like. I’m not even sure if it will ever come. I live in the space of not knowing. I live in the space where there is grief, and doubt, and more questions than answers. But I hold onto hope – even while being unsure of what tomorrow brings.

I’m in a season that is far more Holy Saturday, than it is Easter Sunday. And here I will hold space and hope for my son as he struggles to find hope for himself.

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